Working Together for UT House District 61

Marsha's Message

October 17, 2018

Amendments and Propositions

We should be receiving our ballots in the mail in the next few days. Not only will we have the opportunity to vote on candidates for office, but we will also have the opportunity to have our voice heard on a variety of issues. Information about how, when, and where to vote and about everything that will be on the ballot can be …

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September 25, 2018

A Couple Items of Interest

Voting on Judges–Performance Evaluations I have always questioned the value of judges being retained by voters who lack the necessary information to make an informed choice. Unless we know the judge personally, have been in their courtroom often enough to be familiar with their actions and rulings, or know someone we trust who has, it is impossible to know how …

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August 30, 2018

So what is an Interim Meeting? August report

Interim Committee meetings were held a couple of weeks ago. (For a brief review of all the meetings, click here.) If you are wondering what Interim Committees are, you are not alone. 🙂 (Click to see the list of Interim Committees.) Interim Committees study key issues facing the state and recommend legislation for the upcoming session. These committees meet jointly on …

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