HB0205Students with Disabilities Amendments
HB0211S02Renter Expenses Disclosure Requirements
HB0288S01Prosecutor Data Collection Amendments
HB0324S02Conviction Integrity Units
HJR006Joint Resolution on the Benefits of Therapy Animals
HB0459S05Financial Exploitation Prevention Act
HB0097S01Newborn Safe Haven Amendments
HCR012Concurrent Resolution on Holocaust Education
HB0236S01Safe School Route Evaluations
HJR012Joint Resolution Celebrating Women’s Suffrage in Utah
HB0243S02Pornography Warning Labels Amendments
HCR011Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Utah Roadmap for Positive Solutions and Leadership on Climate and Air Quality
HCR016Concurrent Resolution Calling for the Creation of a National Federalism Task Force
HB0132S01Higher Education Student Speech Rights
HB0118S04Retail Tobacco Amendments
HB0177Prescription Revisions
HCR003Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Consideration of a Later Start Time for High School
HCR014Concurrent Resolution Reaffirming Utah’s Important Relationship with Taiwan
HB0023S02Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Amendments
HB0416S02Penalties for Misconduct with Students
HB0259Electric Vehicle Charging Network
HB0207S02Insulin Access Amendments

My 2019 Legislation

HB0066Year-round Daylight Saving Time
HB0106Medical Cannabis Modifications
HB0248Education Fund Designation Ratio
HJR015Joint Resolution Submitting a Question to Voters
HJR015S01Joint Resolution Supporting the Daylight Act
House Floor Sponsor/Senate Sponsor–Keith Grover
SB0020Sunset Reauthorization – Solid and Hazardous Waste Act
HB0136S01Abortion Amendments
HCR009Concurrent Resolution Commending Jordan School District on its Fleet of Natural Gas School Buses
HCR004Concurrent Resolution Supporting Utah’s Every Kid Outdoors Initiative
HCR013Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utah Refiners to Manufacture Tier 3 Gasoline to Improve Air Quality
HB0158S01Higher Education Student Speech Rights
HB0274S03Retail Tobacco Business Amendments
HR0003House Resolution Supporting Humane Response to Refugee Crises
HB0324S04Tobacco Age Amendments
HCR019Concurrent Resolution Concerning Utah’s Farmland Assessment Act of 1969
HJR008S01Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Slavery and Involuntary Servitude Prohibition
HB0227S01Utah Computer Science Grant Act
HJR021Joint Resolution Reaffirming the Value of Women
HB0250School Fee Revisions
HJR007Joint Resolution on Existing Weapons Restrictions
HB0211S02Rare Disease Advisory Council
HB0371S01Consent to Services for Homeless Youth