Keeping Up With the Legislature

The state has really great tools to help you know what is going on during the legislative session on the legislative website,  You can get a list of all the bills being considered, and there is a tracking service that keep you informed about bills you want to follow closely. If you would like to know the fiscal impact of any of the bills, to the right of the text of the bill, there is a list of items related to the bill–click on “Fiscal Note”. There is a calendar to let you know what is happening at any given moment.  And finally, if you want to follow the bills I am working on, there’s a page for that too. Not all my bills are public yet, but I am working on rental fee disclosures, prosecutor transparency and conviction integrity, education funding and transparency for students with disabilities and decreasing the workload for their teachers, and I have an interesting resolution on therapy animals, which are not emotional support or service animals.

Clean Air

Did you know that vehicle emissions account for over half of our winter time smog problems? The legislature has been trying to find ways to mitigate this, and these efforts have recently paid off. Tier 3 gasoline is now available in Utah (it is about time!) from our local refineries.

The benefits for using tier 3 gas are huge! When it is used in tier 3 automobiles, which started being manufactured in 2017, there is about an 80% reduction of key pollutants. For older vehicles, it still reduces these pollutants by 15%, . 

My colleague, Rep. Suzanne Harrison, recently launched a website to help consumers vote for clean air with their wallets. This website lists local stations that are buying their gas from the refineries producing Tier 3 gas locally. Please share the link on social media with friends and neighbors to help spread the word.

I’m looking forward to a productive session and lots of input from constituents. Please don’t hesitate to reach out about the bills and issues that matter to you.  Also, if you come up to the Capitol between Jan 27th and March 12th (the end of the session), PLEASE text me in advance so I can say hello to you! My cell is 801-669-6962. It is an honor to serve and represent you, and I appreciate the trust you place in me.

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