I am going to start sending out short surveys every few weeks because I would love to know your opinions about the issues facing our community. Here is the first one–it will take you about three minutes to complete. I know that the results of this survey will not be statistically representative of our district, but it does give me an idea of how many of you feel.

September 2020 Opinions


Any change to the Utah Constitution must be approved by voters. In November, Utahans will vote on seven constitutional amendments. That is soooo many!! Below is a brief overview of each amendment with a link to where you can find the actual wording and arguments for and against. I will write more in-depth on some of these in future emails.

 Amendment A: Change words that apply to a single gender (i.e. men) to words that are not limited to a single gender (i.e. persons).

 Amendment B: Specify that certain requirements that a person must meet to be eligible for the office of senator or representative in the Utah Legislature apply at the time the person is elected or appointed. 

Amendment C: Remove the language that allows slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime and clarify that the ban does not affect otherwise lawful administration of the criminal justice system.

 Amendment D: Rewrite a provision relating to municipal water rights including allowing a municipality to define their boundaries of water service areas and to set the terms of water service for that area.

 Amendment E: Create a constitutional right to hunt and fish, including the right to use traditional hunting and fishing methods subject to certain regulation and establish public hunting and fishing as the preferred way of managing and controlling wildlife.

 Amendment F: Change when the Utah Legislature’s general session from the fourth Monday in January to a day in January designated by law passed by the Utah Legislature and excluding state holidays, that are not federal holidays, from counting toward the maximum number of days the Legislature may meet in an annual general session.

 Amendment G: Expand the use of money the state receives from income taxes and intangible property taxes to include supporting children and supporting people with a disability. 

You can find all your election information here. 


Please see the notice below for this event–share with anyone you think might be interested. I have attended before and it was very good. I don’t love attending things virtually; the silver lining is that I can attend sitting on my couch in my pajamas.

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