As a representative, I will make decisions with an open mind and willingness to listen and work with others to identify problems and find solutions. I will do my best to ensure all stakeholders are a part of the process and will research and hear every side of the debate. Often, a bit of compromise is necessary for something to move forward. However, we should never compromise our integrity and principles.

We have the opportunity and responsibility, through careful and thoughtful planning, wise investments, and forward-thinking policies, to prepare for the changing economics, demographics, and growth that is happening and will continue to occur over the next 50 years in Utah (especially in Utah County). I will support legislation and policies that are proactive in planning for this change and growth. We all need to be active participants in shaping the Utah we want for our children and grandchildren.

Before voting on new legislation, these are the questions I will ask:

Is it constitutional?

How will it be funded?

Does it support and strengthen families?

Does it infringe on local governance or is this an issue better resolved locally?

Does is it infringe on personal freedoms?

Is it fiscally responsible and sustainable?

Are there unintended consequences?

Is it a vendor bill?

Does it help us responsibly prepare for our future?

  1. Jennifer Young says:

    I missed your visit yesterday. I like what you have to say and your approach to voting.

    • Thanks Jennifer! I will be at the Convention early–if you have time, please come up to my table and say hi. I would love the opportunity to chat with you. I am sorry for this late reply; I have had trouble getting into my website. 🙁

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