With 8 working days left, we are in the home stretch of the General Legislative session! I have been working on getting my priority bills through the Senate before next week. If you have a few minutes this Friday, please tune in to my Facebook Friday event for more information on bills I voted on this week. I’d also like to thank everyone who participated in my Town Hall last week, and invite you to join this Saturday at noon through this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84956063042

SB 127 – Human Services Program Amendments was passed favorably out of the House Health and Human Services Committee this week. It is one of three congregate care-related bills this session and promotes best practices in this industry. (Congregate Care Programs are programs that serve youth with therapeutic residential treatment, and this bill is related to the bill I sponsored: HB 135 Congregate Care Amendments) It requires quarterly inspections of the program, describes when a congregate care program may use a restraint or seclusion, requires a congregate care program to maintain suicide prevention policies, and requires the program to facilitate communication between the child and their family at least weekly. This bill is supported by the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.


I was excited to support HCR 19 – Recognizing Farmers Feeding Utah yesterday on the floor. This program is the brainchild of our amazing farmers and the Utah Farm Bureau. Because of COVID 19, there have been processing shortages and market losses that have left many Utah farmers without an outlet for their products. At the same time, there has been a 300% increase in needs for food assistance, and, due to this higher demand and lower supply, many of our food pantries have not had enough food for the families they serve. Last May, the Utah Farm Bureau launched Farmers Feeding Utah to help to solve these two problems. By raising funds to purchase the surplus agricultural commodities and then distributing this food through community organizations, the project has helped families needing access to healthy food and farmers negatively impacted by COVID-19. 


This week, I voted on HB 301 – Domestic Violence Training Amendments in committee and on the House floor. This bill would create an online, hybrid domestic violence curriculum administered by the Department of Public Safety to help officers respond to domestic violence incidents. It is an optional, online follow-up to POST lethality assessment training, which introduces a trauma-informed approach for identifying potential victims and is strongly supported by law enforcement.


Today the House passed HB 174 – Municipal Instant Runoff Voting Amendments. It would add approval and star voting methods as options–along with ranked choice, which we already passed– for municipal runoffs, which currently only use plurality voting. The approval method allows voters to vote for every candidate they approve of, and the candidate with the most approvals wins. The star voting method has voters rank each candidate as we do with movies: 2 stars, 5 stars, etc. Out of the two candidates with the most stars, the one who most voters prefer as determined by a set formula is elected. The most significant benefit to this method would be getting a winner that most voters liked, even if the winner was not their first choice. Following are example ballots of both these methods.

HB 68 – Rental Expenses Disclosure Requirement was featured in another article this week. The op-ed “Utah’s predatory rental practices need a fresh look” explains how transparency in renting may help balance renting practices in Utah.

Listed below are the bills that the House passed since last Wednesday. If you are interested in following the status of individual bills, go to the Legislature’s Tracking Service and add the bill number to receive email notifications.SJR9 – Joint Resolution on Jail Facilities
1SB16 – Utah Retirement Systems Amendments
SB30 – Utah Commission on Aging Amendments
3SB83 – POLST Order Amendments
1SB97 – Charitable Prescription Drug Recycling Program Amendments
4SB90 – Parental Defense Amendments
1SB102 – Peace Officer Training Qualifications Amendments
2SB88 – Local Option Sales Tax Distribution Amendments
SCR2 – Concurrent Resolution Honoring the Life of William E. Christoffersen
1SB75 – Community Association Fund Amendments
1SB109 – Emergency Services Amendments
1HB54 – Insurance Revisions
HB305 – Quality Growth Act
1SB102 – Peace Officer Training Qualifications Amendments
2HB192 – Fertility Treatment Amendments
HB242 – Ticket Reseller Amendments
2HB302 – Preserving Sports for Female Students
1HB124 – Civics Education Amendments
2HB312 – State Residency Amendments
2HB255 – Protective Order Revisions
HB259 – Lead Exposure Education and Testing Amendments
2HB72 – Device Filter Amendments
HB38 – School Technology Amendments
SB10 – Place Name Amendments
SB96 – Legislative Water Development Commission Amendments
SB114 – Animal Chiropractic Amendments
2SB78 – Motor Vehicle Repair Amendments
SB146 – Emissions Testing Amendments
1SB125 – Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments
1SB58 – Metro Township Amendments
SB50 – Juvenile Offender Penalty Amendments
1SB51 – Group Gang Enhancement Amendments
1HB182 – Educator Hearings Amendments
1HB277 – Child Care Eligibility Amendments
3HB101 – Prohibited Persons Amendments
3HB260 – Criminal Justice Modifications
HB282 – Right of Survivorship Amendments
2HB93 – Youth Suicide Prevention Programs Amendments
1HB289 – Victim Services Amendments
4HB283 – Community and Police Relations Commission
HB236 – Waste Tire Recycling Amendments
2HB295 – Wildlife Modifications
4HB82 – Single-Family Housing Modifications
2SB130 – Regulation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
6HB303 – Emergency Medical Services Revisions
2HB296 – Soil Health Amendments
1HB313 – Heritage and Arts Amendments
HB91 – Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicles
HB106 – Adoption Tax Credit
HB140 – Income Tax Revenue Amendments
1HB94 – Microenterprise Home Kitchen Amendments
HB279 – Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth
HB300 – Reporting Requirements for Local Education Agencies
2HB318 – Higher Education Amendments
HB262 – Children’s Health Insurance Amendments
HB292 – Children’s Health Insurance Plan Amendments
2HB304 – Digital Opportunity Access Amendments
HB200 – Firearm Safe Harbor Amendments
2HB258 – Firearm Safety in Schools
1HB348 – Economic Development Amendments
HB267 – Voluntary Lethal Means Restrictions Amendments
1HB219 – Inmate Phone Provider Amendments
HB316 – Common Law Marriage Amendments
HJR10 – Joint Resolution Approving Settlement Agreement
1HB307 – Training for Peace Officers
1HB329 – Expungement Revisions
HB212 – Homeless Youth Protection Amendments
HCR13 – Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Bridal Veil Falls Area
2HB195 – Vehicle, Boat, and Trailer Registration Amendments
HB322 – Amusement Ride Safety Amendments
1HB68 – Rental Expenses Disclosure Requirements
1HB323 – High Poverty Schools Teacher Bonus Program Amendments
1HB328 – Adult Learners Grant Program
HCR15 – Concurrent Resolution Emphasizing the Importance of Civics Education
HB287 – Nurse Practice Act Amendments
HB233 – Education Immunization Modifications
HB265 – Pharmacy Software Amendments
2HB249 – Public Access to Court Records
HB319 – Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act Amendments
HB333 – Medicaid Amendments
1HB359 – Dental Billing Amendments
1HB321 – Division of Consumer Protection Amendments
HB332 – Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Amendments
HJR6 – Joint Rules Resolution – Request for Appropriation
HJR11 – Joint Rules Resolution – Executive Appropriations Committee
3HB285 – Juvenile Recodification
1HB286 – Juvenile Code Recodification Cross References
HB271 – Home Child Care Amendments
3HB227 – Self Defense Amendments
1HB290 – Probation and Parole Amendments
HB324 – Alimony Amendments
3HJR7 – Joint Resolution Amending Rules of Criminal Procedure on Motions
1HB216 – Firearms Amendments
1HB257 – Utah State Park Amendments
1HB352 – State Identification Amendments
HB308 – COVID-19 Vaccine Amendments
2HB256 – County Land Use and Development Amendments
1HB356 – Rural Economic Development Tax Increment
1HB355 – Workers’ Compensation Revisions
HCR18 – Concurrent Resolution Supporting Extension and Expansion of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act
1HB347 – Homeless Services Amendments
1HB76 – Firearm Preemption Amendments
HB358 – Guardianship Amendments
3HB237 – Lethal Force Amendments
1HB301 – Domestic Violence Training Amendments
HCR19 – Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Farmers Feeding Utah
2HB77 – Aviation Liability Insurance Amendments
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