I hope you had a great Presidents’ Day! The House was as busy as ever this week, and I’d like to thank you for staying engaged this session. I will be holding my regular Town Hall this Saturday at noon, which you can access by clicking here. I will also be answering questions and discussing some exciting bills Friday afternoon on my Facebook Friday broadcast. 

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Provost Elementary school students during their virtual tour of the Capitol. If you are interested in scheduling a virtual group tour, you can do so here.

1HB 295 – Wildlife Modifications will be up for a vote in the House floor in the next few days. This bill would prohibit trail cameras on public lands and place certain restrictions on wildlife baiting. There has been significant debate around whether trail cameras create a significant technological advantage for hunters or if they need to be regulated. I have heard from my constituents that the legislature should leave these decisions up to the Division of Wildlife Management, as they are the experts and consult with hunters throughout the state and country.

The Legislature has been running a few bills to provide tax relief to Utahns this year. HB 86 – Social Security Amendments creates a tax credit for social  security benefits and HB 168 – Military Retirement Tax Amendments removes the tax on military retirement pay. These have both made it to the Senate.

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article highlighting HB 68 – Rental Expenses Disclosure Requirements. I ran this bill last year and I am prioritizing it this session because I feel it promotes best practices and increases affordable housing. HB 68 was held in the House Business and Labor Committee for a couple of weeks, and I was glad to see it pass with an amendment this afternoon. You can read the full article here

Last week I had the chance to be interviewed by FOX13 News to discuss DCFS caseworker salary increases. I initially requested $10 million in addition to the $2.5 million requested by Governor Cox to provide a living salary to our frontline caseworkers. These funds are desperately needed to reduce turnover, retain talented and experienced caseworkers, and increase efficiency in the division. These salary increases will ultimately benefit Utah families by producing better case outcomes. 
Being interviewed by Ben Winslow with FOX13 News

Here is a list of the 65 bills that the House has passed since last Thursday. Many bills have already made it through the House and the Senate. For a list of bills signed by the Governor or awaiting his approval to become law, click here.

1HB270 – Property Tax Valuation Amendments
HR2 – House Rules Resolution – Technical Corrections
1HB80 – Data Security Amendments
HB126 – Licensing Amendments
1HB179 – Private Cause of Action for Undisclosed Referral
1HB75 – Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Project Amendments
HB114 – Emergency Executive Powers Amendments
1HB151 – State Infrastructure Bank Amendments
3HB197 – Voter Affiliation Amendments
SCR1 – Concurrent Resolution On Holocaust Education
SB60 – Accident Reports Amendments
SB64 – Domestic Violence Amendments
SJR7 – Joint Resolution Approving EnergySolutions Constructing and Operating A Landfill For Nonhazardous Solid Waste
1SJR5 – Joint Rules Resolution – Legislation Amendments
1SB87 – Professional Licensing Amendments
2SB13 – Law Enforcement Internal Investigation Requirements
SB69 – Accident Report Amendments
SB101 – Motor Vehicle Amendments
HB137 – Large Vehicle Registration Amendments
HB26 – 24-7 Sobriety Program Expansion
HCR8 – Concurrent Resolution On Education
2HB55 – Marriage Commission Amendments
HB226 – Long-Term Care Patient And Consumer Rights Protection
HB87 – Electronic Information And Data Privacy Amendments
3HB158 – Juvenile Interrogation Amendments
1HB170 – Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Requirements
1HB178 – Pharmacy Practice Modifications
HCR12 – Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Cooperative Action Regarding National Monuments
2HB191 – Adoption Amendments
2HB239 – Online Impersonation Prohibition
1HB58 – Riot Amendments
1HB59 – Intimate Image Distribution Prohibition Revisions
1HB193 – Intimate Image Distribution Prohibition
1HB228 – Jail Photo Distribution Prohibition
1HB107 – Subdivision Plat Amendments
HB109 – Wildlife Amendments
HB190 – Interstate Compact on Curing Diseases
HB185 – Laboratory Equipment Amendments
HB241 – Utah Seeds Amendments
2HB62 – Post Certification Amendments
3HB73 – Drug Testing Amendments
3HB115 – Municipal Boundary Modifications
HB125 – Intergenerational Poverty Solution
1HB194 – Diabetes Prevention Program
HB234 – Division Of Real Estate Amendments
2HB247 – Transient Room Tax Amendments
HB248 – Mental Health Support Program For First Responders
1HB264 – Law Enforcement Weapons Use Amendments
2HB272 – Special License Plate Amendments
HB276 – Notary Public Amendments
HB288 – Education And Mental Health Coordinating Council
1HB291 – Residential Picketing Prohibition
HB293 – Open Meeting Minutes Amendments
1HB297 – Colorado River Amendments
SB81 – Medical Cannabis Electronic Verification System Deadline Amendments
SB185 – Capitol Meeting Room Designation
HCR2 – Concurrent Resolution On Effect Of Federal Land Valuation Model
1HCR9 – Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Development Of A Statewide Anti-Littering Campaign
HCR10 – Concurrent Resolution Regarding An Interlocal Agreement Creating the Jordan River Commission
2HCR11 – Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Utah’s Clerks And Election Workers For Their Performance Related To Utah’s 2020 Election
HJR5 – Joint Rules Resolution – Technical Corrections
HJR8 – Joint Resolution To Protect Utah’s Institutions Of Higher Education From Chinese Communist Party Influence
SCR5 – Concurrent Resolution Honoring The Life Of Allyson Gamble

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